Scavenger 6

Scavenger 6 – The Ultimate Survival Gun

How The Scavenger 6 Works

Each gun comes with the Survival CB, which is bored out to accommodate 8 different caliber bullets. To see which bullets the Survival CB shoots as well as our entire range of Cylinder Barrels, go to the Cylinder Barrel’s page.

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Introducing the Scavenger 6, One Gun to Replace Them All!

The Scavenger 6 gun can shoot any caliber bullet from .22 to .308 and everything in between, just by exchanging the cylinder barrels.

Why Scavenger 6

It's the Ultimate Survival Weapon
  • Can shoot from .22 caliber up to .308 caliber bullets and everything in between.
  • Lightweight and easier to carry than multiple guns. At less than 5 lbs, it can be carried all day if necessary.
  • Ultrafast Cylinder Barrel change over system.
  • High-powered laser for accuracy in day and night.
  • You only have to register one gun with the ability to shoot multiple bullets, saving you time and hassle.
  • Store your gun in less space and replace all of your other guns with just one gun… the Scavenger 6.
  • One gun that shoots any bullet - Bullets will be a hard item to find in a survival situation, this product allows you to adapt to whatever you scavenge, beg, barter, or steel.
  • Interchangeable Cylinder Barrel's (CB's) allow you to switch from one caliber to another, keeping your muscle memory from one caliber to another.
  • Easy to handle - Women and small children can shoot and handle it with confidence.
  • Scavenger 6 shoots like a rifle - More accurate shots on target.
  • Pistol grips and adjustable buttstock - Takes the kick out of the gun and easily adjusts to different body frames sizes.
  • Light and laser fore grip - Allows you to see your target in low light with the strobe setting. It will also disorientate your attacker. The laser will scare most people from attacking & will help you shoot from the hip in low light situations.
  • The picatinny rail - Allows you to easily mount any kind of optics, lasers or lights.
  • Steel pig sticker at end of the gun - Allows you to stab and use the gun as a weapon even without ammo.
  • The revolver design is a much more reliable platform than traditional semi-automatic weapons.
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Lets compare the Scavenger 6 with other guns!

If you had to make a decision about what weapon to take in an emergency, consider what you might need.

  • Surviving in the bush against wild animals
  • Defending yourself at short or long range
  • Weight of the weapon you are carrying
  • What if you ran out of bullets… can you stock up easily?


Scavenger 6 Gun ($1997)

Scavenger 6 Survival CB ($395)

Scavenger 6 Scabbard Bag ($129.97)

Scavenger 6 Cleaning Kit ($39.97)

Scavenger 6 Light Laser Fore Grip ($69.97)


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NOTE: The Scavenger 6 Gun has not been released yet, this is a PRE ORDER ONLY and you will be notified and shipped your Scavenger 6 gun when it is officially released, we estimate first pre ordered guns to be shipped in January 2018.

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Pre-Order the Scavenger 6 gun now with a DEPOSIT of just $97. Note, the deposit does not qualify you for a signed or numbered gun by the Inventor Tim Ralston.

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  • Survival CB

  • Light Laser Fore Grip

  • Scabbard Bag

  • Cleaning Kit


This is the ultimate survival pack where you can shoot almost any caliber bullet with the one gun. In the Deluxe Pack, Here's What You Get:

  • Scavenger 6 Gun
  • Scavenger 6 Scabbard Bag
  • Scavenger 6 Cleaning Kit
  • All 25 Cylinder Barrels including the 22 Standard CB's and 3 Multi Caliber CB's
  • Scavenger 6 Laser Light Fore Grip
  • Custom shadow box to display the Scavenger 6 gun
BONUS: Scavenger 6 swag

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