Dealers And Transfer Agents

“Join our Dealers or Transfer Agent team and sell one of the hottest, most versatile weapons platform on the planet, the Scavenger 6 and accessories. Click on “Register” below to join now.”

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To become a Dealer or Transfer Agent you must have a valid FFL Number to be granted access to this site.


Scavenger 6’s success depends on its Dealers like you and it’s loyal customers. We pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality products and support our Dealers in every way we can to supply order demands. We look forward to helping you grow your business with our products and providing you with the latest, most innovative survival weapons available.


DEALER: A Dealer must have a registered FFL. You must order a minimum amount of 3 Scavenger 6 guns to qualify for dealer prices. You may order as many guns as you want at wholesale prices. Usually a dealer is a gun shop owner.

TRANSFER AGENT: A Transfer Agent must have a registered FFL. Transfer Agents will be able to receive Scavenger 6 guns from any customer purchases on this website. You can charge a transfer fee when you hand over the gun to the customer. Transfer Agents do get access to the Dealer Portal to track orders and finalize orders but will not be able to purchase the Scavenger 6 at wholesale prices.

Both Dealers and Transfer Agents will be listed on this website as a place to ship gun orders to. You will be notified when a customer has chosen you to receive the gun through our system when a purchase has been made.

Dealers and Transfer Agents can join on the REGISTER button above.

* Note: You can upgrade your status from Transfer Agent to Dealer within the Dealer Portal.