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A recent Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) survey found that nearly 60 percent of American adults have not practiced what to do in a disaster.

Are you prepared if….?

  • A war breaks out
  • An intruder attacks
  • You have to protect your family
  • You have to survive

Tim Ralston

World's Number 1 Survival Expert and Inventor releases his greatest triumph.. the Scavenger 6.

After inventing the Timahawk, Crovel and X Caliber to name a few, Tim has taken survival to a whole new level, empowering the every day parent and civilian with the most versatile and practical gun in the world...

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Why Scavenger 6

  • It's the ultimate survival weapon.
  • Can shoot from .22 caliber up to a .308 caliber bullet and everything in between.
  • It's lightweight and easier to carry than multiple guns.
  • Ultrafast Cylinder Barrel change over system. The revolver platform is the most reliable and gives the ability of 6 shots at a time.
  • High-powered laser for accuracy in day and night.
  • You only have to register one gun with the ability to shoot multiple bullets, saving you time and hassle.
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"It's not the guy that has the most guns that will win the fight and survive, it's the guy that can find the bullets"

- Tim Ralston

Let's compare the Scavenger 6 with other guns.

If you had to make a decision about what weapon to take in an emergency, consider what you might need the gun for..

  • Surviving in the bush against wild animals
  • Defending yourself at short or long range
  • Weight of the weapon you are carrying
  • What if you ran out of bullets? Can you stock up easily?

Survival Barrel (CB) is included with the Scavenger 6 gun purchase.

  • *Survival CB

Other Cylinder Barrels (CB's) are available for purchase separately.

  • Hunter CB

  • Battle CB

  • Standard CB

  • Custom CB

Here's what you get

The Scavenger 6 is the ultimate survival gun, allowing you to shoot almost any bullet just by replacing the Cylinder Barrel, CB. No tools are required to change the CB’s, which makes the Scavenger 6 the most versatile weapons platform available and the perfect survival weapon.

Weight: 5.25 Pounds
Length: 19.25"
Color: Black
Material: Alloy Steel


  • Survival CB

    Survival CB – Will allow you to shoot the following caliber bullets:
    .38 spec/.357
    45 acp

    VALUE $395.00

  • Scabbard Bag

    Scavenger 6 durable scabbard bag, which can hold the Scavenger 6 gun, up to 9 Cylinder Barrels, with extra pockets for ammunition. Lightweight and easy to carry with two backpack carry straps.

    VALUE $129.97

  • Cleaning Kit

    Scavenger 6 cleaning kit with custom tools to clean different sized Cylinder Barrels.

    VALUE $39.97

PLUS For the FIRST 100 ORDERS ONLY, you get the Gun Numbered 1-100 and you get it signed by the inventor Tim Ralston. (Value Priceless)

All of this for just $1997

Pre Order Scavenger 6 Gun for just $97 Deposit.

(Note, only paid in full qualify for numbered and signed guns.)

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What Others Say About Scavenger 6

  • Brad Logan

    “The Scavenger 6 is the best weapon on the planet.”

  • Clayton Blackwell

    “You create some of the wildest most innovative gear I have ever seen! You Sir are a genius! As a survival and hunter safety instructor I can really get behind this project. If I had the available funds I would definitely bankroll your firearm!”

  • Chandra Carlton

    “Great advice over the years and look forward to seeing your future work!”

  • Dave Gardiner

    “What you see is not all that you get, you get much more.”