Welcome to Scavenger 6 videos. As Scavenger 6 is revolutionizing modern weaponry, we get a lot of curiosity and questions about how the
Scavenger 6 works. Please find below some video training.

  • About Scavenger 6

  • Tim Ralston’s Intro To Scavenger 6

  • Why The Scavenger 6 Was Invented

  • Why We Chose The Survival CB Calibers

  • How The Scavenger 6 Shoots Different Caliber Bullets?

  • Scavenger 6 Comparison Video

  • Fore Grip Light & Laser

  • The Scabbard Bag

  • How To Care For & Clean Your Scavenger 6

  • How to Clean Your Cylinder Barrels

  • How To Adjust The Butt Stock

  • Demo Video, How To Shoot The Scavenger 6

  • How To Change Cylinder Barrels, CB’s

  • The Making Of Scavenger 6

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