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Please read all of the FAQ’s below before contacting our success center.

How do I contact Scavenger 6, email, fax, phone, and address?
Please email sales@scavenger6.com for Dealer or Transfer Agent inquiries or go to  www.scavenger6.com/contact.

What are the business hours for Scavenger 6?
9:00am-5:00pm Mountain Time, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

What are the forms I need to fill out to become a dealer?
Go to the Dealer Resources Page to see the list of documents you need. You can also Register and upload the documents later inside the Dealer Portal.

Why do I need to submit a state sales tax form?
Scavenger 6 sells wholesale to only true firearms dealers. We are not set up to collect or remit state sales taxes. Each Dealer needs to provide a state sales tax form confirming they will be charging appropriate sales tax at the point of sale.
How do I become a Dealer of Scavenger 6?
You must first be a registered FFL License holder and be approved in our system. You then need to fill in the forms located at www.scavenger6.com/dealer/resources and submit them within our portal. You must then log into your portal and only when all documents have been submitted and approved, you can then start ordering the Scavenger 6.

I can't login?
Click on the reset password link below the login section and reset your password.

I forgot my user name?
You can use your email to reset your password on the login page.

What is the cost to become a Dealer?
There is no cost to becoming a Dealer, except if you want to make orders as a dealer, the minimum first order is 3 guns at wholesale prices. Wholesale prices are listed inside the Dealer Portal. Inside the Dealer and Transfer Agent portal you can download product lists and prices. It is free to be a Transfer Agent. You can charge your transfer fee as an Transfer Agent or as a Dealer. Please register HERE.

What's the minimum order to become a Dealer?
3 Pieces.

What's the minimum order to become a Transfer Agent?
None. You don't need to order any guns to be a Transfer agent, but you must have a valid FFL to be accepted in our system.

Can I buy cylinder barrels separately?

Do I get bulk discounts if I purchase over a certain amount?
If you purchase over 1000 guns, we offer a 10% discount. Otherwise the prices are set.

How fast can we deliver the gun to our store?
Based on backorder status, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. We operate on first come, first serve. Due to the volume of orders we currently have, there may be delays in delivery. We will communicate with you with estimated shipping times.

Do I have to prepay for my order?
Yes. All orders must be prepaid in full as a Dealer.

Does my customer have to fill out a background check if ordering extra cylinder barrels?
No, this is not required.

What are the wholesale prices for the Scavenger 6?
This information is available inside the Dealer portal once approved as a Dealer.

Do you ship internationally?
No, we only ship within the United States by FedEx or UPS. For rates and additional information, please see our SHIPPING POLICY.

What credit terms are available?
All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping.

What is the Scavenger 6 Warranty?
We have a 1 year warranty on the Scavenger 6 gun. If you have a warranty issue, you must first email our support at sales@scavenger6.com with your claim, and then send the gun back to the Scavenger 6 warehouse. We will either repair the gun, or replace it and return it to you within 1 year of receipt of the gun.

How do I return a defective item?
Please contact us at sales@scavenger6.com and state the serial number of the gun as well as a brief description of the defective item and we will respond with further instructions. If the gun is still within the warranty period, you will then be instructed to send the gun to the Scavenger 6 warehouse. We will either repair the gun, or replace it and return it to you within 1 year of receipt of the gun.

May I place an item or items in my shopping cart, secure the serial number and complete my order later?
No, shopping cart items are not secured until the order is completed. You must proceed to the checkout to secure and complete your purchases.

What if stock isn't available?
You can pre-order and purchase in full. We will notify you of estimated delivery time by email.

Do you have a catalogue for my dealership?
When you are approved as a Dealer, you can download and print the PDF brochure of all Scavenger products with retail prices and product descriptions inside the Dealer portal.

Where do I find important information regarding Manufacture Recalls?
We will email all Dealers with instructions if a recall occurs.

May I pick up my order from Scavenger 6 warehouse?
No, orders are shipped to the Dealers designated shipping address.

Can I order from Scavenger 6 at Dealer prices if I'm a gunsmith?
You can only get dealer prices if you have a FFL License and have been approved as a Dealer. Otherwise you can order directly through the main website.

I have customers asking questions about the Scavenger 6. Is there a resource to get answers to these questions?
Yes, you can go to the Customer FAQ page on our website.

Can I get the Scavenger 6 in different colors?
No, the Scavenger 6 only comes in black.

Is there a warranty on the Scavenger 6?
Yes, 1 year from date of delivery.

Is there a money back guarantee or refund policy?
Yes, see our PURCHASE AGREEMENT. There is a penalty of 10% of the order price if there is a cancellation because we have legitimate expenses to place an order. This is agreed to when purchasing.

Do you offer spare parts for the Scavenger 6 sold separately?
Yes, we offer all support product pieces, sold separately. If you alter the gun or replace any part of the gun yourself, this voids any warranty or possible refund. We recommend that within 90 days of purchase, you return your Scavenger 6 to our warehouse for repair. After the 90 day purchase period, we recommend you take your gun to a licensed gun smith for any replacement parts or repairs.

How do I clean the Scavenger 6?
We recommend you use only the cleaning kit we supply on this website, SEE HERE. Your Scavenger 6 comes with a care and user manual you can read. We recommend not using water to clean your gun at all. Use a soft brush to knock the big dirt off, then a soft rag to polish the gun. Make sure you clean and lubricate your gun after every use for maximum performance and longer life of the gun.

Do you have a demo to show at gun shops or fishing and hunting clubs?
Soon we will have demonstration videos HERE for you to look at. We hope to have these live within the next few weeks. For now we are looking for Transfer Agents and Dealers to be in our system so that customers can choose them automatically in the purchasing process. Our system is fully automated where we have portals for customers, agents and fulfillment centers to all track orders and shipments automatically.