Cylinder Barrels, CB’s

The Scavenger 6 is the most diverse weapons platform on the planet. With our 3 multi caliber Cylinder Barrels
“CB’s”, you have the ability to shoot up to 21 different calibers. But when you need firepower, our standard
CB’s give you six shots of the same caliber to allow you more firepower.

Our range of CB's can shoot any caliber between .22 and up to .308 caliber bullets.

One Gun…. Any Caliber

The Scavenger 6 allows you to have interchangeable Cylinder Barrels, CB's so that you can shoot different caliber bullets as required in different situations. Our range of Standard Cylinder Barrels, CB's allows you to shoot 6 standard bullets of one caliber type increasing firepower. Our Multi Caliber Cylinder Barrels, CB's are present with 6 different caliber holes, allowing up to 8 different bullets to be fired from the one Cylinder Barrel. Custom Cylinder Barrels, CB's can be made to order by you choosing the 6 calibers you want from our Standard CB range. Choosing the right Cylinder Barrels allows you to carry options in a true survival situation. You have to be able to adapt to survive. The Scavenger 6 weapons platform and Cylinder Barrels, CB's gives you as many options as possible.

  • Standard CB's

    The Standard CB's are bored out in the same caliber, which gives you the firepower of 6 shots.
    Where other guns are single shots, the Scavenger 6 Standard CB will give you 6 shots
    of the same caliber bullet.

    6 shots of the same caliber bullet in the one cylinder

    Standard CB's
    .22 .22 mag
    .17 mag .380
    .38 spec /.357 9mm
    .40 10mm
    45 acp 45 colt/ .410
    .44 mag .223
    7.62X39 7.62X51
    .270 .30/06
    5.56 .30/30
    .243 .270
    .308 .223


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  • Multi Caliber CB's

    The Multi Caliber CB's are unique in that each cylinder hole is bored to accommodate a different
    sized bullet. Therefore you can have up to 8 different sized bullets in one cylinder
    barrel. The Survival CB has two cylinder holes which accommodate 2 different sized bullets
    each, e.g. one hole can shoot a .45 and .410 bullets.

    Survival CB
    .22 .38 spec /.357
    9mm 45 acp
    45 colt/.410 .223


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    Hunter CB
    45 colt/ .410 .223
    .30/06 .243
    .308 .30/30


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    Battle CB
    7.62x51 .307
    .270 .30/30
    7.62x39 5.56


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  • Custom CB's

    Design your own Custom CB from the Standard CB caliber range. Choose up to 6 different calibers to shoot from one CB.

    Design Your Own CB

    All Custom Cylinder Barrels are made to order and need to be manufactured. It takes approximately 12 weeks to manufacture, test and ship. Any other special request, please contact us at


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What is a Cylinder Barrel, CB?

The cylinder that normally holds the bullet is now integrated with the barrel, so the cylinder and the barrel are now combined. Because the cylinder is the barrel, we can bore out each cylinder barrel differently if we choose, allowing the shooter to carry multiple weapons in one hand reducing space and weight.

As an example, the Survival CB can shoot 8 different caliber bullets out of the 6 different bored out holes.

The Survival CB can shoot the following bullets:
  • .22
  • 45/.410
  • 38 spec/.357
  • 9mm
  • 45 acp
  • .223
Material: All CB's are made out of 4140 hardened chromoly steel
Length: 7 inches
Weight: Range .5 pounds - 1.5 pounds

Why have interchangeable Cylinder Barrels "CB's"?

  • Because you can carry options in a true survival situation; You have to be able to adapt to survive. Ammunition will be in short supply, hard to find and hard to get, you need a weapons platform that gives you as many options as possible.
  • All cylinder barrels can be interchanged in the field with no tools required, using one thumb and the quick release button, in half a second you can go from shooting a .22 to an AK 47 caliber if you have to. This feature allows you to shoot different caliber bullets with the same Scavenger 6 gun frame.
  • You get to choose the cylinder barrel that suits your needs, or create your own based on the bullets you want to shoot.
  • You can pick the appropriate caliber bullet for the job at hand. If you're shooting small game, you choose a small caliber bullet, if you're shooting larger game; you pick the appropriate larger caliber bullet.
  • The Multi-Caliber CB allows you to save weight and space, because you're allowing yourself a lot of caliber options.
  • The Standard CB's not only give you options, but also firepower, giving you 6 shots of the same caliber.


This is the ultimate survival pack where you can shoot almost any caliber bullet with the one gun. In the Deluxe Pack, Here's What You Get:

  • Scavenger 6 gun
  • Scavenger 6 scabbard bag
  • Scavenger 6 cleaning kit
  • All 25 Cylinder Barrels including the 22 Standard CB's and 3 Multi Caliber CB's
  • Custom shadow box to display the Scavenger 6 gun
BONUS: Scavenger 6 swag

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